From Dr. Butters: I need your help this summer

Dr. Dave Butters

Memorial Day officially kicks off the summer and some time to relax with family and friends. Aside from this summer’s fun we need you to set aside some time for an important task that will directly impact your profession: networking with your state legislators. Doesn’t Sound Fun? Be Part of the Solution and Do It Anyway!

Invite your lawmakers to coffee or lunch, or to visit your office. It is up to us to educate our legislators about the roadblocks that insurance companies put in our way as we try to care for our patients. Help us to be successful in the 2017 legislative session! Lori Grassi, Executive Director and Lobbyist for the WSCA, is happy to help you coordinate a meeting with your legislators. Don’t hesitate to call her at 206-878-6055 if you need some help or coaching.

This is a major election year, and we have to raise significant $$$$ to effectively contribute to State Senate and House campaigns and House and Senate soft money PACs. Please help us achieve our GOAL OF $120,000 by the November election so we can maintain current legislative relationships and build new ones on both the Democratic and Republican sides of the aisle. Bipartisan support is critical!

The WSCT builds and maintains strong grass roots legislative relationships, and we’ve been doing it for a long time. We support people in both parties who support us. We are the only Chiropractic Political Committee in Washington State.

The WSCA provides our Lobbyist, who coordinates legislative lobby activities and works on state policy and governmental issues affecting the Chiropractic profession in our state.

If you are a regular contributor to the WSCT, THANK YOU! If not, I urge you to do so today!
Just click here to make a one-time or recurring donation.  Or, mail your contribution to PO Box 2163, Seattle, WA 98111.

Consider a one-time contribution: $1000, $500, $250, $100. Or sign up for monthly credit card withdrawals: $100, $50, $25.

Please help us protect and promote patient access to chiropractic care.

— Dr. Dave Butters, President
Washington State Chiropractic Trust


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