It’s time to step up and support your profession

Dr. Dave Butters
Dr. Dave Butters

Please, no more procrastination!

It’s not OK that osteopaths and naturopaths get paid twice as much as chiropractors for providing the same service.

It’s not OK that insurance carriers haven’t increased their fee schedules to chiropractors in 13 years.

It’s not acceptable that insurers are allowed to use EviCore or any other mechanism to obstruct a patient’s access to their Chiropractic benefits.

If you agree with the above, the time is NOW to step up and support your profession!

Not tomorrow. Not next week. NOW!

To complete the financial support of our state legislative friends in this election cycle we must raise $20,000 in the next TWO WEEKS. This is what’s necessary if we want a shot at advancing our agenda in Olympia.

DONATE NOW here  or mail a check today to the WSCT, PO Box 2163, Seattle, WA 98111.

— David Butters DC
President WSCT

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