Feb. 2 Legislative Day: Demonstrate the power of chiropractic

Dr. Dave Butters

Our 2017 Chiropractic Legislative Day is Thursday, Feb. 2 in Olympia. We have an aggressive legislative agenda and it’s critical that we demonstrate the power of our profession by showing up Thursday, Feb. 2 to meet with our legislators.

WSCA Lobbyist Lori Grassi has prepared materials exposing the unfair payment to chiropractors for spinal manipulation services. Chiropractors are paid up to 50 percent less than other providers who deliver spinal manipulation. There has been no increase in chiropractic reimbursement for spinal manipulation in more than 13 years.

We’re also working on two other key issues this session: The inclusion of chiropractors in the list of providers who can deliver the already existing spinal manipulation benefit to adult Medicaid recipients, and inclusion of chiropractic on the list of providers defined as “primary care providers” (PCP), within your scope of practice. Being defined as a PCP means that chiropractors would be eligible for student loan forgiveness when working in a rural community; and would be eligible for PCP copayment levels for patients with spinal manipulation (CMT) benefits.

As always we anticipate significant legislative resistance to these issues, both due to a lack of understanding of your education, and perceptions of your scope of practice. Our primary issue – fair pay – is something that insurers claim is a “contract matter”. The contracts available to chiropractors are take it or leave it contracts, we are at a terrible disadvantage as we are unable to negotiate the contracts and/or the fee schedules. Our goal is to “level the playing field”.

It always starts with a briefing, handouts and a question-and-answer session on our legislative status beginning at 8 a.m. inside on the steps under the Capital Dome of the Legislative Building. Plan a carpool with other chiropractic colleagues from your district.

We need you to make appointments with your legislators NOW! If you need help, contact Shaka Forest at the WSCA office at 206-878-6055 or sforest@chirohealth.org. He is ready to help you find your legislator as well as call for appointments for you. You likely will not be able to “select” your appointment time. Legislative staff will work your appointment request into and around the legislative committee hearing schedules. You’ll need to take the time they give you on Thursday Feb. 2nd. Lori Grassi will accompany you to your appointment if her schedule permits. Tell Shaka to add it to her calendar. See the link below to find your legislators!

You can find your legislative district and legislator online at this link: http://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder/

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