Engage: Don’t turn your back on your profession

Dr. Dave Butters

This month, as chiropractic turns 122 years old, I have an important question:

Have you turned your back on your profession?

There are 2,000 chiropractors in our state. Yet, when it comes to engaging with our legislators and fighting for what we believe in, most don’t engage. It’s always a small percentage of us working to ensure doctors of chiropractic are compensated fairly — and that our patients have unimpeded access to chiropractic services.

However, thank you to those who did respond to our July 2017 request for help; you got us over half way to where we need to be.

This fall, control of the State Senate will depend on a key race in the 45th District. How we participate financially in both the Democratic and Republican caucuses will not be unnoticed and likely impact our chiropractic issues. It’s critical that we raise another $40,000 in October, mostly for the state House and Senate soft money PACS. When we go to the state Legislature in January 2018 session our support now on both sides of the aisle is what opens the doors to our conversations and concerns.

We continue to have major legislative issues to tackle, including Fair Pay for our services and Prior Authorization obstacles to the care of our patients and the huge administrative burden it’s placing on our offices. Our state and nation are in the midst of an opioid crisis, and our legislators need to know that we are the viable solution. Restricting or impeding access to our services is unacceptable!If you’ve left this work to others in your profession, just couldn’t find the time – now is the time to engage! Do it for your Patients. Do it for your Family. Do it for Yourself.

Click on the DONATE button. Or, if you prefer, mail a check to PO Box 2163, Seattle, WA 98111. Make a one-time contribution: $1000, $500, $250, $100 or sign up for monthly credit card withdrawals of any amount.

— Dr. Dave Butters, President
Washington State Chiropractic Trust

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