We need your help to pass bills on Chiropractic Fair Pay, Prior Authorization

On Tuesday, Feb. 20, in the House Health Care Committee, Washington State Chiropractic Association representatives testified before the House Health Care Committee regarding the Chiropractic Fair Pay Bill, ESB 5518. When you watch the video you will have a clear picture of how the insurers value chiropractors and chiropractic care. Following this hearing, on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, the committee passed the bill to the next step in the legislative process 12 in favor and 5 opposed. Even our “no” votes understand how unfair the insurers are being, they just don’t like putting this kind of thing in statute.

The committee also heard ESSB 6157, the bill allows access to up to 6 consecutive visits of chiropractic care (and other therapies) in the same episode of care without having to request prior authorization. An episode of care is definined by a period of 90 days or more without treatment for the same or similar conditon. This bill is scheduled for Executive Action Friday, February 23, 2018 and needs to move from committee to continue in the legislative process before the 5:00pm cut off on the same day. We need you to call your House members and ask them to vote YES on ESSB 6157.

Watching the Video: You can find the Fair Pay testimony from the 1:06:10 mark to the 1:29:27 mark. The Prior Authorization testimony runs from 0:00 to the 02:04, and again from 12:30 to 45.40.

It’s disturbing to see what health insurers are saying about chiropractors and the services we provide, and it’s critical for doctors to review their arguments. Find your legislative district and legislators and call them to urge their support for ESSB 5518 and ESSB 6157.

Talking points for the Fair Pay bill, ESB 5518:

• This bill gives insurers the option of:

A.Raising the pay UP to chiropractors to match what they pay others for spinal manipulation services (identified by the same or substantially similar code); or
B.Lowering others DOWN to the same rate they pay chiropractors for spinal manipulation services (identified by the same or substantially similar code); or, what we recommend-
C.Pay chiropractors using the appropriate payment methodology identified by CMS using the RVU formula to set fair payments for ALL providers.

Your contracts are not negotiated — they are “take-it-or-leave-it”.

Insurers haven’t raised your fee schedules for spinal manipulation in more than14 years! In fact, Regence pays chiropractors 14% less in 2018 than they did in 2003.

Talking point for Prior Authorization, ESB 6157:

• When patients are prevented from obtaining their benefits by obstructive prior authorization requirements, it drives them away from drugless providers into opioid prescriptions.
Every day non-drug treatment is delayed, another opioid prescription is provided.


1.Come to Olympia. Your presence changes the outcome in a positive way! Once the bills pass through the Rules Committee they are eligible for Floor Action (a full House vote) and will need your help “at the doors” with Lori to help count votes. The bill must be heard by March 2, at 5:00pm. If you can come to Olympia email Lori at LGrassi@chirohealth.org or text her at 253-988-0500-be sure to put your name in the text message!
2.Call your State Representatives and ask for an appointment to meet with them. You can find your legislative district to know who to contact!

— By Dr. Dave Butters, President Washington State Chiropractic Trust

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