Make your appointments with legislators now

Dr. Dave Butters

We need your help in executing our 2023 chiropractic legislative agenda. Probably the two most important of our six goals this legislative session – which begins Jan. 9 – is number one, an attempt to address the lack of cost-of-living increases in provider fee schedules. I’m not suggesting this will be easy. We must educate legislators on the challenges we’re experiencing as business owners dealing with non- negotiable, take it or leave it contracts that have not seen fee increases in 20 years and in fact ongoing annual fee reductions, even in 2023 with soaring inflation. Number two on our agenda is holding insurers accountable for errors in benefit verification.

While the 2023 session will be held in person, a large single legislative day like we’ve had in the past will not be permitted. This means we need you to schedule individual meetings with your lawmakers.

You can pick any date that works for you between Jan. 26 and March 5, 2023 to come to Olympia. You must make appointments with your legislators in advance to your visit, or you will not be allowed to see your legislator – this is a change related to the COVID-19 rules. You can find your legislators and their contact info by visiting the Find Your Legislator link: and the Legislative Roster link:

When emailing your legislator, tell them that you are a constituent. Expect that your appointment will be 10 or 15 minutes and may be with their legislative aide if the legislator is not available. Once you have your appointments maid, email our lobbyist, Lori Grassi, at with “legislative appointment” in the subject line, and include the following details

a. Your full name
b. If other Docs are coming with you (their names must also be on the appointment with the legislator)
c. The appointment time
d. The names of the legislators you are meeting with
e. The legislator’s room number

Lori will do her best to attend all the meetings she is informed of. You should also bring a mask as some legislators or staff may ask you to wear one.

Our complete 2023 legislative agenda

Each year, when the Washington State Chiropractic Association establishes our priorities, we also have to consider and respond to other bills that are introduced both by allies and by organizations that do not have your best interest at heart. The list below is not just the WSCA agenda. This list also includes legislation introduced in “pre-filed bills” that would have an impact on the chiropractic practice.

1. Cost-of-living adjustments in provider fee schedules.
2. Holding insurance carriers accountable for verification errors when confirming patient benefits.
3. Funding chiropractors in adult Medicaid benefits.
4. Correcting benefit manager registration legislation.
5. Support current legislative efforts to allow PTs and OTs to own clinics with other professionals (i.e., chiropractors).
6. Adding chiropractors to the loan repayment program through the Washington Student Achievement Council.

The success of the Washington State Chiropractic Association, the WSCT and ultimately the Washington state chiropractic profession hinges upon a strong working relationship within the profession and its external allies – especially state legislators. That’s why it’s critical for you to make appointments with your legislators during the upcoming session.

As always, your financial support of the WSCT and membership in the WSCA is everything! You have and will continue to benefit from everything that we do. If you have donated recently and/or are a regular contributor to the WSCT, it is appreciated, and it makes a difference. Click here to make either a one-time or recurring donation.

— Dr. Dave Butters, President
Washington State Chiropractic Trust