About the Washington State Chiropractic Trust​:

The Washington State Chiropractic Trust (WSCT) serves as the Political Action Committee for the chiropractic profession in Washington State. The Trust works to ensure that consumers are free to choose their health care provider(s), and that chiropractic care is given equal consideration with other providers.

Why do we need both the WSCT and the WSCA?

The WSCT and WSCA are restrained from specific activities under their tax exempt status. The WSCT is allowed to raise money for and contribute to State political campaigns but is not allowed to hire and pay a Lobbyist. The WSCA is allowed to hire and pay a Lobbyist and related lobbying activities but not allowed to raise funds and contribute to state political campaigns. The WSCA also provides response to state agency and regulatory issues among numerous other things. Both organizations serve in critical capacities to assure patient access to our services and fairness in how our profession is treated as a class of providers.

The WSCT board of directors is structured to allow for one representative from each of the 10 Congressional Districts in the state of Washington. The WSCT board works in concert with the WSCA board of directors and the WSCA Lobbyist/Executive Director,

The WSCT’s mission is to protect and promote patients’ access to chiropractic care across Washington state. The WSCT and WSCA work closely with state legislators and chiropractors statewide on legislative and political issues affecting the chiropractic profession.

The Washington State Chiropractic Trust is committed to:
  • Advocating for the rights of chiropractic doctors and their patients to ensure that chiropractic is recognized as a distinct method of primary health care.
  • Seeking parity for chiropractic in third-party payer systems.
  • Resisting all efforts to discriminate against chiropractic as an equal form of primary health care.

The Trust has developed the reputation of being an effectively funded PAC in Washington State, selectively distributing its funds to candidates and ballot measures that demonstrate an understanding of, sensitivity to and support for chiropractic issues, initiatives and legislation — rather than those who support the status quo.